• Low-temperature fresh-keeping cold storage project in seafood market
    This batch of box-type condensing units produced by KITDOO uses Emerson's compressors. And the box type condenser uses copper pipes with internal threads, which has high heat exchange efficiency. These condensing units will be exported to Australia. The products will be used in 40 cold storages in the 1,500-square-meter seafood market. These cold storages are ultra-low temperature, fast freezing, and fresh-keeping cold storage to ensure the quality of seafood.
  • The hot fluorinated frost unit cooler project independently developed by KITDOO was successfully completed
    As the surface of the unit cooler in the cold storage is frosted, it hinders the conduction and dissipation of the cold capacity of the unit cooler, and ultimately affects the cooling effect. When the thickness of the frost layer on the surface of the cooler refrigeration unit reaches a certain level, the refrigeration efficiency even drops below 30%, resulting in a large waste of electric energy and shortening the service life of the refrigeration system. Therefore, it is necessary to perform cold storage defrosting operations within an appropriate period. KITDOO independently researches and develops the thermal fluorinated cream system. Its main principle is to add a four-way valve to the compressor condensing unit, and by switching to the defrost mode, the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant from the compressor outlet is directly sent to the cold room indoor unit, and the heat of the refrigerant is used for defrosting. Similarly, the cold room indoor unit pipeline is redesigned to ensure uniform and rapid defrosting. The advantages of this defrosting method are obvious: 1, defrosting uniform, every copper tube can defrost. 2, defrosting speed, This kind of cold room cooler refrigeration unit defrosting only 8 minutes, ordinary electric heating tube defrosting needs 30 minutes. 3. Cold storage temperature is stable. The temperature of hot fluoride frost cooler refrigeration unit changes about 5 degrees Celsius when defrosting, and the maximum temperature of the ordinary cold room cooling rises nearly 18 degrees Celsius. 4. Less power consumption. The hot fluoride frost cooler refrigeration units use the same amount of electricity as normal refrigeration when defrosting. The power of the electric heating tube used in defrosting of common cold room cooling units reaches 5KW, which is 2 times higher than that of normal refrigeration. KITDOO has completed several cold storage projects for hot fluorinated frost. Customers are quite satisfied with this.
  • Split condensing unit installation project
    Our company designs a split condensing unit according to the customer's product performance requirements and the site drawings provided by the customer.  This design scheme mainly solves the problem of insufficient space. It can make good use of space without affecting the cooling effect of the condensing unit.  The client is very satisfied with the final design and construction effect.
  • Evaporator for supermarket freezer
    The factory produces a large number of non-standard customized evaporators. Mainly used in supermarket chilled freezers and display cabinets. It has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. Products are sold all over the world.
  • Large-scale small-scale chiller project
    A total of 40 small chillers were produced in this batch. The unit uses Emerson compressors. Insulation cotton is well protected. The customers of this batch of products are mushroom farmers.The product is used to ensure the constant temperature and temperature of mushroom cultivation.
  • 50 8KW box condenser units
    This batch is a box-type condensing unit with a total of 50 units. The cooling capacity is 7KW to 15KW. The goods are sent to Indonesia. This batch of products is mainly used for the freezing and preservation of fruits. The entire cold storage covers an area of about 2000 square meters, divided into 50 small cold storages.
  • Delivered to Vietnam, 110KW condensing unit
    According to the requirements of Vietnamese customers, non-standard order 110KW condensing unit. This equipment is mainly used in low-temperature cold storage. The warehouse temperature can reach minus 25 degrees. The main parts of the equipment are produced by brand manufacturers, such as Emerson compressors and Danfoss control valves. Microcomputer controller, simple interface, can automatically adjust the temperature, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
  • Cryogenic cold storage installation project in Chile
    The cold storage project in Chile has a total area of 1,000 square meters. The cold storage is mainly used for frozen storage of beef, and packaged and shipped. The cold storage uses 10 condensing units and 18 air coolers, all of which are produced by the company. 20 minutes after the cold storage is turned on, it can reach a storage temperature of minus 25 degrees, which greatly exceeds the customer's requirements.

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