• A cold room evaporator that defrosting by the heat of a compressor
    A cold room evaporator that defrosting by the heat of a compressor Nov 30, 2021
    KITDOO refrigeration has designed a new type of cold room evaporator. The ordinary cold room Air cooler mainly uses the electric heating tube to carry on the defrosting. The cold room evaporator uses heat from the refrigerant to defrost. The main principle is: Condensing unit to add four-way Valve, through the valve control,The cold room evaporator has refrigeration and defrosting mode. When the cold room cooling unit works for 4 hours, the frost on the cold room evaporator fin begins. At this point open defrosting mode, the compressor outlet of high-temperature refrigerant directly into the cooler copper tube, directly use this heat defrosting. Advantages of the new cold room evaporator: 1, defrosting uniform, every copper tube can defrost. 2, defrosting speed, the new cold room cooling defrosting only 8 minutes, ordinary electric heating tube defrosting needs 30 minutes. 3. Cold storage temperature is stable. The temperature of the new air cooler evaporator changes about 5 degrees Celsius when defrosting, and the maximum temperature of the ordinary cold room cooling rises nearly 18 degrees Celsius. 4. Less power consumption. The new cold room cooling units use the same amount of electricity as normal refrigeration when defrosting. The power of the electric heating tube used in defrosting of common cold room cooling units reaches 5KW, which is 2 times higher than that of normal refrigeration.
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  • The newly developed Wire Tube Condenser was put into production
    The newly developed Wire Tube Condenser was put into production Nov 29, 2021
    The newly developed wire tube condensers of KITDOO Refrigeration Company has been mass-produced. This product can be customized non-standard and processed according to customer drawings. Customers are welcome to try it out. In the early stage, we should cooperate with the refrigeration evaporators and cold room refrigeration units produced by our company according to the suggestion of the Malaysian customer. Supporting production condenser for refrigerator. After three months of preparatory work, the production equipment of the condenser has been fully adjusted. After a month of small batch production trials. Wire tube condensers can already be produced in large quantities, and the production cycle and product quality can be guaranteed. Refrigerator Condensers are mainly used in household refrigerators, supermarket beverage freezers, and water dispensers.3
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  • The enthalpy difference laboratory and ultra-low temperature cold storage of KITDOO Refrigeration Company are put into use
    The enthalpy difference laboratory and ultra-low temperature cold storage of KITDOO Refrigeration Company are put into use Nov 22, 2021
    After three months of design, installation and commissioning, the enthalpy difference laboratory and ultra-low temperature cold storage laboratory of KITDOO Refrigeration Company were put into use. The enthalpy difference laboratory is mainly used to accurately measure the water flow, air volume, power consumption, cooling and heating capacity and other parameters of the unit products; simulate the high and low temperature conditions of the unit when it is working, and obtain the real data closest to the customer's use. The ultra-low temperature cold storage laboratory can simulate the working condition of minus 45 degrees. Under high load conditions, the power consumption and heat exchange efficiency of air cooled condensers, cold room condensing unit, cooler refrigeration unit and other products can be measured. After obtaining important data, it provides help for engineers to design and optimize products. Thereby improving the heat exchange efficiency and air volume of the cooler refrigeration unit. Ensure that the products are all high-quality products. After the completion of the laboratory, we can design non-standard air cooled condensers, cold room condensing unit, and cooler refrigeration unit for customers with high requirements and special working conditions. For example, air cooled condensers and condensing units used in high-temperature environments in the Middle East. At the same time, our company's laboratory provides external services, and all refrigeration equipment manufacturers can come to our company to test equipment products.
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  • KITDOO sales team to Alibaba headquarters training and learning
    KITDOO sales team to Alibaba headquarters training and learning Oct 26, 2021
    The KITDOO sales team completed a three-day training session at Alibaba’s headquarters. The main contents of this training are as follows: 1 International Trade Laws and regulations related knowledge development direction of refrigeration industry. ALIBABA team for my company’s sales of unit cooler evaporators, cold room condensers, condensing units to formulate the relevant pre-sales, after-sales customer service policy. Currently in order to better solve related problems for customers.
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  • KITDOO was invited to participate in Hangzhou International Refrigeration and Cold Chain Industry Exhibition(RACC2021)
    KITDOO was invited to participate in Hangzhou International Refrigeration and Cold Chain Industry Exhibition(RACC2021) Oct 24, 2021
    2021 China International Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Cold Chain Expo (RACC2021) is a professional exhibition with great industry influence in China. This exhibition owns the advantages of Zhejiang refrigeration industry base and aims to create a new international business card in China, and has received strong support from the governments of Zhejiang Province at all levels. It is co-organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Construction Industry Branch,Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province,China Association of Warehousing and Distribution,Zhejiang Association of Refrigeration,Zhejiang Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association,Jiangsu Association of Refrigeration and Zhejiang Fluorochemical Industry Association to create a world-renowned international refrigeration exhibition. KITDOO refrigeration equipment company is a famous refrigeration equipment manufacturer in South China. KITDOO was invited by the Organizing Committee of Hangzhou International Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Cold Chain Industry Exhibition (English abbreviation: RACC). Participated in the exhibition and attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. After participating in the opening ceremony, the leaders of KITDOO highly affirmed the exhibition and wished the exhibition a successful conclusion. Looking forward to exhibitors participating in the exhibition have a beautiful display on this platform. The exhibition gets better and better. At this exhibition, the unit coolers, condensers and cold room refrigeration units brought by our company are displayed. Discuss all aspects of the development of the cold chain industry with customers at the exhibition.
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  • National Day holiday notice
    National Day holiday notice Sep 28, 2021
    On October 1, 2021, I will celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Before this universal day of celebration comes, KITDOO wishes you all a happy National Day. According to national regulations, our company will be closed from October 1st to 7th.  During the break, the production base will suspend production. Customers who need to place an order, please make arrangements in advance to avoid insufficient supply of goods during the holiday.  KITDOO provides customers with professional one-stop cold chain solutions.
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  • DD40 air cooler and 3 HP condenser shipped to Chile
    DD40 air cooler and 3 HP condenser shipped to Chile Aug 09, 2021
    Recently, it is difficult to book cargo ships. Several condensers with fan evaporators and condensing units of Chilean customers have been stored in the warehouse for a week. Today, the goods are finally loaded into the container and ready to be shipped. Thank customers for their understanding. KITDOO specializes in the production of refrigeration equipment and provides customers with professional cold chain optimization solutions.
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  • Our company's newly developed high-efficiency condensing unit is launched on the market
    Our company's newly developed high-efficiency condensing unit is launched on the market Jul 16, 2021
    After 300 days of hard work day and night, the new high-efficiency condensing unit jointly developed by KITDOO and universities has begun to be put on the market. According to laboratory data, the energy efficiency of the new high-efficiency condensing unit is 15% higher than that of ordinary products, and the power consumption is reduced by 30%. In the cold storage working process, the specified temperature is reached faster than previous products. KITDOO would like to thank Professor Chen's scientific research team who assisted in this project for their technical support in this event. This project mainly realizes the high efficiency and energy saving of the product through 4 parts. 1. Efficient air-cooled evaporator. The air-cooled evaporator of this project uses copper tubes with high heat exchange performance, which increases the heat exchange performance by 15%. Moreover, the flow direction of the refrigerant is optimized to reduce unnecessary pressure loss. Finally, a large air volume, high-quality fan is used to fully evaporate the refrigerant. 2. Efficient compressor The compressor is the heart of a refrigeration system, and the quality of the compressor directly affects the effect of refrigeration. KITDOO has long-term cooperation with big international brands such as Bitzer to ensure product quality. 3. Efficient condenser The condenser produced by KITDOO uses high-efficiency copper tubes and high-quality aluminum fins. The quality and effect of the products are in a leading position in the industry. The product with the same heat exchange area has a cooling capacity of 20% higher. 4. Self-developed intelligent refrigeration control system. KITDOO's products all use frequency conversion technology. The intelligent control refrigeration system developed by the team of Professor Chen from the university can monitor the changes in the temperature of the cold storage in real time, as well as the pressure, refrigerant temperature and other parameters in the refrigeration system. The automatic control system can automatically adjust the frequency of the compressor and fan, as well as the opening of the solenoid valve, and finally achieve the effect of high energy efficiency and low energy consumption. After the product was launched on the market, it received unanimous praise from users.
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