How to Adjust Evaporation Temperature Jun 15, 2022
The change of the evaporation temperature of the refrigeration equipment in the cold storage is related to the heat load of the warehouse, the heat transfer area of the evaporator, and the volume of the compressor. When one of these three conditions changes, the evaporating temperature and pressure of the refrigeration system must change.
Heat transfer area changes

Effect on Evaporation Temperature Heat transfer area mainly refers to the evaporation area of the evaporator, and the change of heat transfer area mainly refers to the change in the size of the evaporation area. The effect of the increase and decrease of the evaporation area on the evaporation temperature is basically similar to that of the increase and decrease of the heat load on the evaporation temperature. When the evaporating area increases, the evaporating temperature increases; when the evaporating area decreases, the evaporating temperature decreases.

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change in heat load
Changes in heat load are frequent. When the heat load increases and other conditions remain unchanged, the evaporation temperature will increase, the low pressure pressure will also increase, and the superheat of the suction will also increase.
compressor of condensing unit cooling capacity

The influence of the change of the cooling capacity of the compressor on the evaporating temperature When the energy of the refrigeration compressor is increased, the suction capacity of the compressor will increase accordingly. The temperature will also drop accordingly.

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From the knowledge of thermodynamics, it can be seen that there is a corresponding relationship between the temperature and pressure when the refrigerant evaporates, so the adjustment of the evaporation temperature can be realized by adjusting the evaporation pressure.
Adjusting the evaporating pressure can be achieved by changing the opening degree of the throttle valve or adjusting the gas delivery volume of the refrigeration compressor (compressors with gas delivery volume adjustment). If the opening degree of the throttle valve is reduced, the circulation amount of the refrigerant is reduced, the evaporation amount generated in the evaporator is correspondingly reduced, and the evaporation pressure is correspondingly reduced. On the contrary, if the throttle valve hole is opened, the evaporation pressure will increase accordingly. If the air volume of the compressor is changed, the evaporating pressure will also change accordingly.

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