A cold room evaporator that defrosting by the heat of a compressor Nov 30, 2021

KITDOO refrigeration has designed a new type of cold room evaporator. The ordinary cold room Air cooler mainly uses the electric heating tube to carry on the defrosting. The cold room evaporator uses heat from the refrigerant to defrost.

The main principle is: Condensing unit to add four-way Valve, through the valve control,The cold room evaporator has refrigeration and defrosting mode. When the cold room cooling unit works for 4 hours, the frost on the cold room evaporator fin begins. At this point open defrosting mode, the compressor outlet of high-temperature refrigerant directly into the cooler copper tube, directly use this heat defrosting.

Advantages of the new cold room evaporator:

1, defrosting uniform, every copper tube can defrost.

2, defrosting speed, the new cold room cooling defrosting only 8 minutes, ordinary electric heating tube defrosting needs 30 minutes.

3. Cold storage temperature is stable. The temperature of the new air cooler evaporator changes about 5 degrees Celsius when defrosting, and the maximum temperature of the ordinary cold room cooling rises nearly 18 degrees Celsius.

4. Less power consumption. The new cold room cooling units use the same amount of electricity as normal refrigeration when defrosting. The power of the electric heating tube used in defrosting of common cold room cooling units reaches 5KW, which is 2 times higher than that of normal refrigeration.

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