Advantages and disadvantages of Cold Room Air Cooler Mar 31, 2021
Advantages of Cold Room Air Cooler:
1. The air-cooled cold storage basically does not form frost on the inner wall of the refrigerator, which avoids the trouble of manual defrosting, and saves the user's worry and effort. Therefore, it is welcomed by many consumers.
2. The refrigerating air is forced to circulate by the fan, the cooling speed of the cold storages faster, and the air-conditioning distribution is more balanced.
3. The refrigeration is fast, and the cold room coolers can quickly refrigerate, so that the temperature in the warehouse can reach the temperature of the goods quickly.

4.The price of relatively direct cooling aluminum row is cheaper.

Disadvantages of Cold Room Air Cooler:
1. The complicated structure of the air-cooled cold storage causes a relatively high failure rate, and the cost also rises accordingly.
2. In order to realize the circulating flow of cold air, the fan has a heavy workload, and the automatic defrosting will also increase the energy consumption, so the power consumption is large.
3. Running cold and quick freezing is fast. If the unit has a short-term failure or the selection of insulation materials is unreasonable, the running cold will be faster. Therefore, there must be certain requirements for the time for the after-sales maintenance personnel to come to the door.
4.the food in the warehouse is easy to dry and consume, and for the unpackaged or sealed goods, it is easy to be dried and lose water.

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