Summary of installation and commissioning experience of refrigeration unit Oct 15, 2021
1. Installation of air cooler for cold room
1). When selecting the position of the lifting point, first consider the best position for air circulation, and secondly, consider the structural direction of the library body. The clearance between the air cooler and the library board should be greater than the thickness of the air cooler for cold room.

2). All hanging bolts of the air cooler for cold room should be fastened, and the bolts and hanging bolt perforations should be sealed with sealant to prevent cold bridges and air leakage. When the ceiling fan is too heavy, use No. 4 or No. 5 angle iron as the lintel. The lintel should span to another roof and wall to reduce the load.

air cooler for cold room

2. Group installation of refrigeration unit
1). The semi-hermetic or hermetic compressor should be equipped with an oil separator, and an appropriate amount of oil should be added to the oil. When the evaporation temperature is lower than -15 degrees, a gas-liquid separator and an appropriate amount of refrigerating oil should be installed.
2). The compressor base should be equipped with a shock-absorbing rubber seat, and there should be maintenance space for the installation of the unit, so that it is easy to observe the adjustment of the instrument and the valve.
3). The diameter of the copper pipe should be selected strictly in accordance with the compressor suction and discharge valve interface. When the condenser and the compressor are separated by more than 3 meters, the pipe diameter should be increased. Keep a distance of more than 400mm between the suction surface of the condenser and the wall, and keep a distance of more than 3 meters between the air outlet and obstacles.

compressor unit

4). The diameter of the inlet and outlet of the liquid storage tank shall be based on the exhaust and liquid outlet pipe diameters marked on the unit sample. The compressor suction pipe and the air cooler return pipe shall not be smaller than the size indicated in the sample to reduce the internal resistance of the evaporation pipe.
5). The exhaust pipe and return pipe should have a certain slope. When the condenser position is higher than the compressor, the exhaust pipe should slope to the condenser and install a liquid ring at the compressor exhaust port to prevent gas cooling and liquefaction after shutdown. Go to the high-pressure exhaust port and cause liquid compression when restarting the machine.

6). A U-shaped bend should be installed at the outlet of the air return pipe of the unit cooler, and the air return pipe should slope toward the compressor to ensure smooth oil return. The expansion valve should be installed as close as possible to the unit cooler, the solenoid valve should be installed horizontally, the valve body should be vertical, and the direction of liquid discharge should be paid attention to. The expansion valve temperature sensor is fastened to the evaporator outlet 100mm-200mm with a metal clip, and wrapped tightly with double-layer heat preservation.

cooler unit

The above information is summarized and compiled by the engineers of KITDOO Refrigeration Company. KITDOO provides customers with professional one-stop cold chain optimization services.

unit cooler evaporator

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