The enthalpy difference laboratory and ultra-low temperature cold storage of KITDOO Refrigeration Company are put into use Nov 22, 2021

After three months of design, installation and commissioning, the enthalpy difference laboratory and ultra-low temperature cold storage laboratory of KITDOO Refrigeration Company were put into use.

Enthalpy Difference Laboratory

The enthalpy difference laboratory is mainly used to accurately measure the water flow, air volume, power consumption, cooling and heating capacity and other parameters of the unit products; simulate the high and low temperature conditions of the unit when it is working, and obtain the real data closest to the customer's use.

The ultra-low temperature cold storage laboratory can simulate the working condition of minus 45 degrees. Under high load conditions, the power consumption and heat exchange efficiency of air cooled condensers, cold room condensing unit, cooler refrigeration unit and other products can be measured. After obtaining important data, it provides help for engineers to design and optimize products. Thereby improving the heat exchange efficiency and air volume of the cooler refrigeration unit. Ensure that the products are all high-quality products.

cold room condensing unit

After the completion of the laboratory, we can design non-standard air cooled condensers, cold room condensing unit, and cooler refrigeration unit for customers with high requirements and special working conditions. For example, air cooled condensers and condensing units used in high-temperature environments in the Middle East.
At the same time, our company's laboratory provides external services, and all refrigeration equipment manufacturers can come to our company to test equipment products.

coolroom unitcold room outdoor unit

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