cold storage air conditioners installation specifications Nov 12, 2021

1. Installation content First, open the lifting screw holes, and open the copper pipe and wire holes. The last two holes should be trimmed to prevent hidden dangers from the quick opening. The back of the cold storage air conditioners and the vertical plate of the self-distributed drain pipe are positioned at 300mm, evaporating The drainage hole of the device is perpendicular to the pre-installed drainage hole of the vertical plate, and the height difference between the two is 250mm. In the case of a freezer, the drainage heating wire is inserted in the drainage pipe. The external heat preservation treatment of the tube does not require electric heating wire for refrigeration, and the others are the same.

2. When hoisting, please note that the air inlet of the cooler refrigeration units should not face the door.
3. Installation specifications of the walk in cooler units host as close to the evaporator as possible. It is easy to maintain and has good heat dissipation. If it is moved outside, a canopy should be installed. The four corners of the host should be installed with anti-vibration gaskets. The installation level is firm and it is not easy to be touched. NS.
4. Condensers installation The closer the condenser is to the host, the better. It is best to place the condenser on the upper position. The condenser installation position has the best heat dissipation environment. The suction port should not face the outlet of other equipment, especially oily gas. It should not be short-circuited or facing other windows and equipment. It should be 2M above the ground, and the installation level should be firm.
5. Copper pipe discharge. All copper pipes must be separately worn with insulated pipes and the wires in the same direction should be wrapped together with air-conditioning ties. Try to use straight pipes and fix them in sections. The joints of the insulated pipes and the insulated pipes should be tightly sealed with electrical tape. 2.3 Discharging of electric wires All electric wires shall be protected by corrugated hoses or cable troughs, except that they are tied up with air-conditioning ties. The temperature display wires shall not be placed close to the wires as much as possible.

The above information is summarized and compiled by the engineers of KITDOO Refrigeration Company. KITDOO provides customers with professional one-stop cold chain optimization services.

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