Treatment method for large amount of water in the refrigeration system Nov 20, 2021
1. Disassemblethe cold room condensing unit components:air cooled condensers, air cooled evaporators, compressor (remove the oil filter), high-pressure dryer filter, expansion valve, solenoid valve, shut-off valve, liquid storage tank, connecting pipes, etc. can be disassembled (large The parts do not have to be shifted) to facilitate the next step.
2. Blowing fouling in sections: Blow out all the water in the air cooled condensers and air cooled evaporators as much as possible by the method of instantaneous release after pressurizing with nitrogen. If the pipeline of the refrigerant system is complicated, you can use a welding torch to blow out the water in certain parts according to the specific situation.
3. Restore the refrigeration system: After restoring the entire cold room condensing unit, open all passages in the refrigeration system (expansion valve spool, high-pressure dry filter, solenoid valve spool not installed, oil filter and refrigerated oil in the compressor Do not add oil temporarily), and take a longer time than usual to vacuum (preferably the parts can be heated and the compressor can be connected to the oil heater, the purpose is to accelerate the evaporation of the remaining water in the system).

4. Start-up operation: confirm that the water in the system is basically eliminated, then restore the refrigeration system, install a clean oil filter, a high-pressure dry filter element, add refrigerating oil, and proceed according to the normal assembly steps of the cold room condensing unit.

The above information is summarized and compiled by the engineers ofKITDOO RefrigerationCompany. KITDOO provides customers with professional one-stop cold chain optimization services.

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