cold storage body maintenance Jun 05, 2021
1. The cold storage should be used again after installation or long-term use, and the cooling rate should be reasonable: it is advisable to keep it at 8-10℃ every day, and keep it at 0℃ for a period of time. When the air chiller and other equipment are not used for a long time, the total power supply of the cold storage should be cut off and ensure that the cold storage equipment is not damp or polluted by other substances such as ash.
2. No debris should be piled on the top of the cold storage equipment (top plate), otherwise the cold storage board of the cold storage will be deformed and affect the insulation performance, and keep the passages around the cold storage unobstructed. Only by ensuring good heat dissipation can the cooling be good. The location of the cold storage should be kept dry, clean, free of flammable and explosive materials, and ensure that there are no safety hazards.

3. The cold storage board maintenance, pay attention to use, should avoid the collision and scratches of hard objects on the storage body. Because it may cause depression and corrosion of the library board, it will seriously reduce the local insulation performance of the library body.

4. Maintenance of the sealing parts of the cold storage. Since the prefabricated cold storage is composed of several thermal insulation boards, there are certain gaps between the boards. These gaps will be sealed with sealant during construction to prevent air and moisture from entering. Therefore, in use, some parts of the seal failure should be repaired in time.
5. Cold storage floor maintenance. Generally, the floor of small prefabricated cold storage uses thermal insulation boards. When using the cold storage, prevent a large amount of ice and water on the ground. If there is ice, do not use hard objects to beat or damage the ground during cleaning.
6. Check the insulation performance of the cold storage body, check whether there is condensed water around the cold storage, check whether the cold storage door opens flexibly, and the sealing effect of the cold storage door.
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