Daily maintenance of freezing and cold storage Jun 05, 2021
1. Frequently check and confirm whether the voltage of the power supply meets the requirements, the voltage should be 380V±10% (three-phase four-wire). Whether the protection function of the main power switch is normal and effective.
2. The electrical equipment of the cold storage equipment should be protected from moisture to avoid electric shock accidents caused by electric leakage.
3. The electrical equipment maintenance of cold storage equipment should be operated by refrigerating technicians or electricians with knowledge of refrigeration. Any maintenance must be cut off to ensure safety.
4. The hinges, handles, and door locks of cold storage doors should be regularly lubricated according to actual usage.
5. Whether the temperature of the cold storage and freezer storage is normal should be recorded regularly. 

6. When picking up items, the cold storage door must be closed in time, and the lights and doors must be turned off in time after the items are taken out. In order to reduce the air conditioner from running away and affect the temperature abnormality

7. Don't forget to close the door after entering and exiting to avoid cold leakage, condensation, frost, and icing.
8. Minimize the number of times of opening and closing the door of the cold storage to prevent the intrusion of hot air and reduce the frosting of the air cooler.
9. The items loaded into the warehouse should not contain too much water, and water must be prevented from penetrating into the bottom of the warehouse to avoid affecting the life of the cold storage.
10. There should be a cold air passage for the goods in the warehouse, and there should be a certain gap between the front and the back of the air cooler, and no items of the same height as the coil evaporator should be stacked in front of the air cooler, so as not to affect the cooling effect. Do not touch the sewer pipe when storing goods.
11. The cold storage should be cleaned, cleaned, and disinfected regularly, cleaned once a day, once every half a month, and kept clean and odor-free [Source Refrigeration Encyclopedia Official Account] The sewage pipe should be cleaned up in time to prevent blockage.
In addition to the above precautions, an arrangement must be made for cleaning to prevent increased wear. It is also necessary to arrange a thorough cleaning once a month. In addition to wiping the cold storage, carefully clean the frosted and icy parts of the storage with water to prevent the drain and air outlet fins from clogging and not circulating, and the wind cannot be circulated. loss. 
12. Be careful not to get water on the fan motor when cleaning, and at the same time pay attention to safety, keep a certain distance to prevent being scratched by the fan blades
13. If the air humidity is too high, the defrosting interval is long, and the storage temperature setting is not normal, all these will cause the frost layer on the evaporator in the storage to thicken, and the storage temperature will not drop. At this time, defrost (defrost) treatment should be carried out. Observe in time and stop defrosting immediately when the frost layer disappears. Wait a while before starting the device.
14. The coil evaporator should avoid vibration during operation. In addition to increasing mechanical wear, vibration will also cause the connection pipe on the unit to loosen or break [Source Refrigeration Encyclopedia Public Number]. If any abnormal noise is found during the operation of the machine, it should be shut down for inspection and removed before running.
15. The internal temperature, temperature difference and other parameters of the cold storage equipment should be set according to the actual situation of the cold storage, and the parameters cannot be changed arbitrarily. The cold storage has been customized according to user requirements when it leaves the factory. After understanding the technical parameters of the cold storage, the refrigeration worker sets the parameters on the controller.

The above information is summarized and shared by the engineers of KITDOO.

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