Combined cold storage cooling method Sep 17, 2021

1. There should be no influence of various man-made heat flows around the library. The library body should be closed, the lighting in the library should be extinguished, and the electric heater should be used for preheating. The test can be performed only after the temperature in the warehouse reaches 32°C and stabilizes for 1 hour.

Cold room evaporators

2. The temperature in the cold storage should be maintained at 32±1℃, and the input heat of the heater within 1 hour should be measured, and this input heat should be maintained. During the test period, the fluctuation value of the input heat should not be greater than 1%.
3. The condensing unit should be started to cool the cold storage, and the start time of the cooling should be recorded at the same time. After the empty warehouse begins to cool down, the initial temperature in the warehouse should be recorded, and it should be recorded every 10 minutes.

4. When the ambient temperature changes during the test, the heat input to the library should be corrected every 30 minutes.

Cold room storage condensing unit

5. When the storage temperature reaches the design temperature, the end time of cooling should be recorded and the cooling time should be calculated. The cooling test curve of the storage temperature changing with time should be drawn.

Bitzer condensing units

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