The relationship and adjustment of the four major components of the refrigeration system and the refrigeration capacity Sep 08, 2021

Because the refrigeration capacity of each cold storage refrigeration equipment will change under different working conditions, some increase, some decrease, so a certain margin is reserved in advance in the design to prevent it under certain operating conditions During operation, the cooling capacity of the entire device cannot be brought into full play due to the excessive reduction in the cooling capacity of a certain component. The change trend of each main component when the working condition changes.

1. Compressor
The relationship between the cooling capacity of the compressor and the evaporating temperature and condensing temperature. The cooling capacity of the compressor decreases with the decrease of the evaporating temperature or the increase of the condensing temperature.
2. Air cooled evaporators
The cooling capacity of the evaporator is not only determined by the difference between the storage temperature and the evaporating temperature, that is, the heat transfer temperature difference, but also related to the refrigerant outlet superheat (dry type) or liquid level (full liquid type). When the storage temperature is constant, its cooling capacity increases as the evaporation temperature decreases.

Air cooled evaporators
3. Heat exchanger condensers
The cooling capacity performance curve of the condenser can be seen. When the evaporating temperature or condensing temperature drops, the cooling capacity decreases; in addition, when the cooling water volume decreases and the cooling water temperature rises, the cooling capacity also decreases.

Heat exchanger condensers
4. Expansion valve
The cooling capacity of the expansion valve is related to the pressure difference between the valve inlet and outlet, and the weight of the refrigerant under the working conditions. Therefore, when the condensing temperature drops, the cooling capacity decreases, and the cooling capacity decreases when the evaporation pressure is too high or too low.

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