How do cold storage systems work-from KITDOO Dec 10, 2021

Cold storage uses cooling facilities to create a warehouse with suitable humidity and low temperature conditions. It is a place where products are processed and stored. It can get rid of the influence of climate and extend the Cold storage period of various products to adjust market supply.

There are many types of Cold storage refrigeration systems. According to the different types of refrigerants used, they can be divided into freon refrigeration systems, ammonia refrigeration systems, mixed refrigerant refrigeration systems, and air and other refrigerant refrigeration systems; according to the different working principles of combined cold storage, they can be divided into Compression, absorption, steam injection, thermoelectric, adsorption and other refrigeration systems; among them, the compression refrigeration system is also called the vapor compression refrigeration system. This combination cold storage system has good performance and high efficiency and becomes a combined cold storage Common refrigeration system in engineering.

A complete vapor compression refrigeration system should include a refrigerant circulation system, a lubricating oil circulation system, a defrosting system, a cooling water circulation system, and a refrigerant circulation system. Among them, the refrigerant cycle system of the vapor compression refrigeration system is composed of four basic parts: a refrigeration compressor, an air cooled condenser, a throttle valve, and a cooler unit. In order to ensure the safety, reliability, economy and convenience of the refrigeration system in the combined cold storage, the system also includes auxiliary equipment, instruments, control devices, valves and pipelines, etc.

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