Which type of evaporator is used in cold storage Dec 09, 2021

There are usually two types of refrigeration equipment inside common cold storage: aluminum tube heat exchanger and walk in cooler unit. The corresponding cooling methods are tube refrigeration and air cooler refrigeration.

aluminum tube heat exchanger:

According to whether there are fins on the surface of the aluminum tube, the aluminum tube can be divided into smooth aluminum tube and finned aluminum tube. Among them, the smooth aluminum tube is the most common for refrigeration. Aluminum tube refrigeration is the most common in large-scale, civil, ammonia refrigeration system cold storage. Aluminum tube refrigeration can be divided into top aluminum tube and wall aluminum tube according to the layout of the tube.

The aluminum tube refrigeration method relies on the natural convection of the air, the air velocity is slow, and the drying loss of the stocked food is lighter than the air-cooling method; after the aluminum tube refrigeration is put into production, because the aluminum tube will retain the refrigerant, the refrigerant consumption of the refrigeration system big.

walk in cooler unit
Air coolers are installed in the cold storage. Because of the simple construction and no requirements for the load-bearing capacity of the ceiling, it is more common in assembling cold storage and small freon cold storage. The cooling energy cost of the air cooler is high, and the dry consumption of the inventory is large, but the installation is convenient and the construction Low cost.
1、walk in cooler unit

The walk in cooler unit is mainly used for freezing and storing fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. Including DL series (12~-2 degrees Celsius), DD series (-2~-18 degrees Celsius) and DJ series (-18~-25 degrees Celsius).

walk in cooler unit

2、DE series refrigeration evaporators
Mainly used in small refrigerators, beverage refrigerators, cake cabinets.

refrigeration evaporators

3、. Double-side cooler refrigeration unit
Mainly used in small and medium cold storage.

cooler refrigeration unit

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