• Principle of water cooled screw chiller Jan 05, 2022
    1. Unit structure Screw type water cooled chillers are mainly composed of a semi hermetic twin screw compressor, a water cooled condenser, a flooded evaporator, an oil separator, a throttling mechanism, and an electrical control system. (1) Evaporator: During the operation of the unit, the evaporator maintains a low temperature and pressure so that the evaporated refrigerant gas takes away the hea...
  • Common faults and causes of screw chillers Jan 12, 2022
    Common faults and causes of screw chillers 1. High voltage fault The compressor discharge pressure is too high, causing the high pressure protection relay to act. The compressor discharge pressure reflects the condensing pressure. If the pressure is too high for a long time, it will cause the compressor running current to be too large, which will easily burn the motor, and also easily cause damage...

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