The installation environment and maintenance of air-cooled evaporator May 03, 2021

The location and environment of the air-cooled evaporator inside the cold storage will affect its operation. Generally, the air-cooled evaporator near the cold storage door is prone to condensation and frost. Although the air cooler can automatically heat and defrost at regular intervals, if the door is opened too frequently, the opening time is too long, the time and quantity of hot air entering is long, the defrosting effect of the fan is not good. Because the defrosting time of the air cold evaporator cannot be too long, otherwise the cooling time will be relatively shortened, the cooling effect will not be good, and the storage temperature cannot be guaranteed.

air-cooled evaporator

The air cold evaporator defrosts the melted water discharge problem. Due to the severe frost of the fan, a large amount of condensate will inevitably be produced. The fan's drain pan cannot bear it, and the drainage is not smooth, and it will leak and flow to the ground in the warehouse. If there are goods stored underneath, the goods will be soaked. In this case, a thicker draft tube can be installed to remove the condensate.
Some air coolers have the problem of blowing water from the fan and spraying it onto the stock in the warehouse. This is also the frosting problem of the fan in the cold and heat exchange environment, mainly due to the condensate generated by the fan leaf in the hot environment, rather than the problem of the defrosting effect of the fan itself.

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