What is the purpose of a refrigerator evaporator Dec 06, 2021

The cold storage refrigeration evaporator is an evaporator used in refrigeration equipment such as cold storage, and is a partition type heat exchange device. Its principle is that low-temperature and low-pressure liquid refrigerant vaporizes and absorbs heat on one side of the heat transfer wall of the evaporator, so that the medium on the other side of the heat transfer wall is cooled, and the cooled medium is usually water or air.

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The cooler unit is a kind of cold storage evaporator. The function of the cooler unit is to be the low temperature and low pressure saturated refrigerant of the thermal expansion valve of the cold storage in the future. The saturated refrigeration will be vaporized and the heat in the cold storage will be vaporized by the heat exchange between the cooler unit and the cooled medium. The heat exchange equipment. The cold storage walk in cooler unit is mainly composed of five important components, such as cooling and heat exchange pipe, axial flow fan, liquid separator, frost holding device, and water receiving tray. The high-pressure normal-temperature liquid refrigerant from the condenser of the cold storage is throttled by the thermal expansion valve and directly enters the liquid separator of the cold fan of the cold storage for uniform liquid separation and then sent to the heat exchange tube for vaporization and heat absorption. The axial flow fan of the cold storage walk in cooler unit is responsible for forced convection circulation between the cold storage walk in cooler unit and the air in the cold storage to achieve the purpose of cold storage refrigeration.

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In order to ensure that the cold storageunit coolerhas good heat exchange performance, the cold storage unit cooler must be defrosted. The most common defrosting method for cold storage unit cooler is electric defrosting. Electric heating defrosting has many advantages such as thorough defrosting and automatic control. It has received many small-scale cold storage, medical cold storage, and vegetable cold storage projects.

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The cold room cooling unit shell is generally made of plastic-sprayed iron plate, food-grade stainless steel plate or embossed aluminum plate. The cold room cooling unit has many advantages such as large heat exchange, convenient and simple, high corrosion resistance, and beautiful appearance. The heat exchange coil of the cold room cooling unit generally uses internal threads. The heat exchange copper tube is in close contact with the aluminum fin through a hydraulic tube expander, thereby reducing the contact distance and improving the heat transfer coefficient.
After the cold room cooling unit is produced, it goes through a strict decontamination process to ensure the cleanliness of the quality system. The cooler refrigeration unit uses a high-efficiency outer rotor motor. The motor of this structure has the advantages of large air volume, high wind speed, and long service life. The cold room cooling unit should be able to Install explosion-proof motors according to different needs.

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