Our company's newly developed high-efficiency condensing unit is launched on the market Jul 16, 2021
After 300 days of hard work day and night, the new high-efficiency condensing unit jointly developed by KITDOO and universities has begun to be put on the market.
According to laboratory data, the energy efficiency of the new high-efficiency condensing unit is 15% higher than that of ordinary products, and the power consumption is reduced by 30%. In the cold storage working process, the specified temperature is reached faster than previous products.
KITDOO would like to thank Professor Chen's scientific research team who assisted in this project for their technical support in this event.
This project mainly realizes the high efficiency and energy saving of the product through 4 parts.
1. Efficient air-cooled evaporator.

The air-cooled evaporator of this project uses copper tubes with high heat exchange performance, which increases the heat exchange performance by 15%. Moreover, the flow direction of the refrigerant is optimized to reduce unnecessary pressure loss. Finally, a large air volume, high-quality fan is used to fully evaporate the refrigerant.

air-cooled evaporator

2. Efficient compressor
The compressor is the heart of a refrigeration system, and the quality of the compressor directly affects the effect of refrigeration. KITDOO has long-term cooperation with big international brands such as Bitzer to ensure product quality.
3. Efficient condenser

The condenser produced by KITDOO uses high-efficiency copper tubes and high-quality aluminum fins. The quality and effect of the products are in a leading position in the industry. The product with the same heat exchange area has a cooling capacity of 20% higher.

Efficient condenser

4. Self-developed intelligent refrigeration control system.
KITDOO's products all use frequency conversion technology. The intelligent control refrigeration system developed by the team of Professor Chen from the university can monitor the changes in the temperature of the cold storage in real time, as well as the pressure, refrigerant temperature and other parameters in the refrigeration system. The automatic control system can automatically adjust the frequency of the compressor and fan, as well as the opening of the solenoid valve, and finally achieve the effect of high energy efficiency and low energy consumption.
After the product was launched on the market, it received unanimous praise from users.

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