The condenser and air cooler for cold storage are exported to Dubai Jun 29, 2021

As a professional manufacturer of refrigeration equipment such as condensers, evaporators, KITDOO provides customers with one-stop cold chain solutions to help customers solve various refrigeration problems.

KITDOO sends foreign goods

Our products sell well all over the world. Today, we sent two containers of goods to Dubai again. The goods this time are mainly air cooled condenser, evaporators for cold storage, and condensing units.

Air-cooled evaporator packed in wooden box

The refrigeration equipment produced by KITDOO has an excellent reputation in Dubai and is of high quality. It can operate in Dubai's high temperature, windy, and sandy weather for a long time without failure.

Condenser packaging

The outlet condenser has multiple specifications, 1.5HP, 2HP, 5HP to 10HP. This product is mostly used in small-scale seafood fish pond constant temperature equipment, swimming pool constant temperature equipment, and seafood storage.

KITDOO's foreign trade

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