How many types of evaporators are there Dec 02, 2021

FOSHAN KITDOO REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is a comprehensive industrial company specializing in the production of refrigeration equipment integrating research and development, manufacturing, and business services.

KITDOO company specializes in the production of refrigeration equipment. For various cold room evaporator, used in different places.
1. Customized evaporator
KITDOO company can process the evaporator according to the drawings provided by the customer. Customized evaporators are mainly used in supermarket display cabinets, freezers, beverage cabinets, and refrigerated trucks.

Customized evaporators
2. Evaporator for cold storage
The cold storage evaporator is mainly used for freezing and storing fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. Including DL series (12~-2 degrees Celsius), DD series (-2~-18 degrees Celsius) and DJ series (-18~-25 degrees Celsius).

Evaporator for cold storage
3. DE series small freezer evaporator
Mainly used in small refrigerators, beverage refrigerators, cake cabinets.

freezer evaporator
4. Double-side air outlet evaporator
Mainly used in small and medium cold storage.

unit cooler
5.wire tube evaporator for household refrigerator
Mainly used for household small refrigerators.

wire tube evaporator

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