Small influent water treatment plan for refrigeration system Nov 20, 2021
If the water in the cold room condensing unit is not serious, then there is no need to disassemble the air cooled evaporators and air cooled condensers, just change the filter.
1. Replace the filter: first replace the high-pressure dryer filter of the unit system. If it is a dry filter barrel, you can use clean and dry degreasing gauze to make pockets and then modify the active "alumina particles" and mix with color-changing silica gel (for easy observation of water content) , Replace the original moisture in the refrigerating oil in the compressor.
2. Replace the filter again: After starting up and running for a period of time, replace the filter drier again, pay attention to observing the discolored silica gel to judge the degree of water content in the system, and run it repeatedly according to this operation sequence.
3. Start-up operation: confirm that the water in the system is basically eliminated, replace clean oil filters, high-pressure dry filter elements, refrigerating oil, etc., according to the normal assembly steps of the cold room condensing unit.
Ban methanol:

Adding methanol can increase the freezing point of moisture and relieve ice blockage, but the moisture in the system has not decreased. And as the circulation time of the moisture in the system increases, it will cause the deterioration of the quality of the refrigerating oil, the copper plating of the system metal parts, and the corrosion of the press coil. Leakage caused serious personal injuries and deaths.

The above information is summarized and compiled by the engineers of KITDOO Refrigeration Company. KITDOO provides customers with professional one-stop cold chain optimization services.

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